28 Christmas Crafts You Should Try This Festive Season

We love crafting, especially at Christmas time. The kids were recently sent a selection of crafts from Baker Ross – read the post over on my main blog, Futures, here – and have really enjoyed themselves.

If you or your children love crafting, why not take the time you have this festive season to do some crafts? I’ve selected twenty eight different crafts that you can try from a selection of fantastic bloggers. Let me know which one you’ll try first.

These paper snowflakes from Over 40 and a Mum to One are a great idea – you don’t need much to do them!

This homemade Christmas decoration over at Life Loving, created by Most Curious Rose, is absolutely beautiful.

I’m loving these salt dough decorations from H Is For Home Harbinger.

These origami waterbombs from Origami Expressions make for lovely Christmas decorations!

Over Forty and a Mum to One has even more fantastic paper crafts for you to try!

Seeing family over the festive period and you haven’t yet given them a Christmas card? This handprint Christmas card is such a cute idea from Emmy’s Mummy!

This Christmas tree wrapping paper from ET Speaks From Home is such a fab idea!

Curious and Geeks has a great way to recycle your coffee capsules into these fantastic angel tree decorations!

I love this idea of a handprint wreath from Emmy’s Mummy!

Toilet rolls are fantastic for crafting with and I love these snowmen from Curious and Geeks.

ET Speaks From Home has some more fab crafts including this paper wreath

…and these fantastic paper snowflakes!

You may remember Anthea from Blue Bear Wood and her fab Halloween crafts in our round ups in October (read them here and here). She’s back again with a fab selection of crafts, let me know if you try any!

These perler bead Christmas trees are super cute and colourful.

How cute are these sparkly snowmen decorations?

These felt pawprint decorations are super cute too!

This Christmas tree card is such a great use of sycamore seeds, don’t you think?

These pipe cleaner decorations are super cute and colourful!

This mono print card is such a simple and brilliant idea.

Put your bottle tops to good use with these stunning snowflakes.

Looking for a lovely gift idea? Try this peppermint candy cane soap!

This Book of Kisses decoration is such a lovely idea!

Finally, this singing Christmas angel is such a fab idea for a decoration!

I love these Christmas cardboard tube Santa and snowmen from All Things Christmas!

These Christmas tree chocolates from Digital Motherhood look super tasty and make a lovely gift idea.

Feeling super crafty? Try this handmade Christmas stockings from The Queen of Collage!

How lovely are these pom pom pine cones from Growing Family?

These handmade Christmas ornaments from Growing Family are so lovely!

These pine cone trees, also from Growing Family are absolutely beautiful!

So here we are, a fab selection of crafts. Which will you be trying first?



This article has 12 comments

  1. Laura Dove

    Oh I love all of these ideas! The handprint crafts are lovely and such a fun idea to do with the kids!

  2. Mary @ Over40andamumtoone

    Some really lovely ideas there, thank you for including a couple of mine.

  3. Jenny

    We love crafting, especially at Christmas. Snowflakes are always popular in our house.

  4. Sarah

    Aw these are all such lovely ideas! I love the tree at the top of the post, it looks adorable! I know my little ones would love to try a lot of these too!

  5. Kirsty

    I used to make salt dough decorations with my Nan. These bring back a lot of fun memories. The pine cone idea and colourful

  6. Emma Raphael

    So many lovely ideas, and an awful lot that I haven’t ever seen before. This will be very helpful in keeping my toddler quiet over the next couple of days. As he’s only just 3 he doesn’t really know what’s going on, but he is quite excited! 😀 Have a lovely Christmas

  7. Rhian westbury

    Some lovely crafts, I remember doing the toilet paper santa and snowmen when I was a kid x

  8. Kelsey

    Oh these are such cute ideas! I love the pinecones because they are so accessible at the moment, and the paper snowflakes, these look more sophisticated then the ones I used to do as a child where you fold the paper and cut into it

  9. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    So many wonderful crafts, I adore the Christmas tree made from hanging sticks

  10. Zena's Suitcase

    So many cute Christmas crafts in this post, but my favourite is the sycamore seeds card, what a great idea

  11. Rachel Craig

    Nice ideas.

  12. Fiona jk42

    Lots of great craft ideas. I love doing crafts with my granddaughter, it’s great to watch herreally concentrating on making things, and then we get to enjoy the results.

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