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A Guide to Clear Skin

Many people wish that they had clear skin, not realizing that unless they have a serious skin condition, clear skin is within their reach if they’re willing to put in a little effort. The following steps can help to give you that lovely glow that people will envy.

Drink plenty of water.

Water helps to flush toxins from the body, and also keeps you hydrated. When you’re dehydrated, the skin shrivels and tightens, leaving you with wrinkles. However, when you’re hydrated, the skin can draw moisture from your body, giving you a healthy, natural glow.

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Whether you wear make-up or not, it is important to cleanse your face morning and night. If you are a make-up wearer, cleansing in the morning helps to provide a clean foundation to work on, allowing a more natural, non-streak effect. Cleansing at night obviously removes the make-up. Even if you don’t wear make-up, cleansing in the morning will get rid of any excess oil produced during sleep, and by cleansing at night, you’re able to remove dirt and grime that has built up over the day caused by pollution.


After cleansing, it is important to tone. This helps to close your pores after cleansing and removes any remaining excess oil. Make sure that you choose a toner that is right for you though. A slight tingling feeling is fine. Burning and redness are not. Be sure to discontinue use if you do develop an irritation.


Not only will a good moisturiser help to rehydrate your skin, but it also acts as a barrier against pollution, and helps to keep your skin smooth and firm. If you do wear make-up, a good moisturiser is essential, as many products can be drying to the skin if used without a moisturiser.

Gently exfoliate once a week.

Like the rest of your body, dead skin cells can build up on your face, even with a regular skincare routine. By gently exfoliating, you remove this build-up, making your normal skincare routine more effective.

Be aware of what you eat.

There are many debates about whether sugar actually causes pimples or acne. Whether it does or not, living on a diet of junk food is not healthy. When the body is unhealthy, it shows in the skin. Eating a balanced diet will not only help to keep you healthy but your skin and hair will also benefit.

Leave pimples and blackheads alone.

Sure, they might be embarrassing, but squeezing them only makes things worse. You open your pores, exposing them to pollution, often resulting in more forming. Simply let them run their course, sticking to your skincare routine as normal.

If you have a serious acne problem, then see a dermatologist. Anyone suffering from a skin condition will find that simple skincare and healthy eating will not be enough to ensure clear skin. It will help to fight the problem, but medication or a special diet may be needed to help combat serious skin complaints.

For most people, clear skin is simply a matter of providing their skin with what it needs – water, vitamins and a little care.

Are you wondering how to keep your skin looking its best? Then check out this simple guide to clear skin, which will help.

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