Advent 2018 Day 2 - Haribo

Advent 2018 Day 2 – Haribo

So here we are Tuesday, or twosday as it’s day two of our advent giveaways!

Yes here we are again with an awesome giveaway that is share across here, Futures and Life in a Break Down.

So what do we have for you today?

Well, drumroll, please.

*dum dum dum*

HARBOUR Snuggle Pod

A Bespoke Haribo Supermix Snuggle Pod.


We have this amazing A Bespoke Haribo Supermix Snuggle Pod up for giveaway!

What’s more this limited edition, hard to come by, please to relax is worth an amazing £250!

This snuggle pod has been produced to celebrate the release of the new Supermix.

The new supermix is said to be even creamier, softer, smoother and more squishy than before. Who knew Haribo had the ability to get better, but they just keep on surprising us!

The snuggle pod is to give you a comforting space, to snuggle down into while you enjoy those Jelly Men, Milk Bottle, Ice-Cream and Sheep pieces that all are available in the mix.

So you can get double the #SupermixMoment.

But What’s New with Haribo Supermix?

Well, there is SO MUCH new mix to enjoy!

As it now boasts vibrant colours and creamier flavours. Such as being able to experience the new lemon meringue and peach flavoured Little Jelly Men and delicious vanilla in the Sheep and Ice-Cream treats.

What’s more, you can also enjoy popular raspberry, blackcurrant and apple flavours, in vibrant pink, purple and green colours.

So why not grab a bag or two next time your down the shop!

So How Can I Win The Bespoke Haribo Supermix Snuggle Pod?

I guess all that is left now is to let you know how to enter to be in with the chance of winning a snuggle pod!

To be in with a chance of winning you just need to let us know:
If you were the lucky winner where would you put your Haribo Snuggle Pod and who would you snuggle with?

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Bespoke Haribo Supermix Snuggle Pod

Good Luck!

For more details about HARIBO Supermix and the rest of the range, please visit





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This article has 8 comments

  1. Andrea Upton

    With my children

  2. Ursula Hunt

    I would put my snuggle pod in the den and use it to snuggle up with my son when we play games together in the xbox

  3. laura wheatley

    I think my daughter would definately steaql it for her room but I am sure she would let me have a cuddle

  4. Lynne OConnor

    I’d put it in the living room to snuggle up with our cat while watching tv

  5. Priscilla Stubbs

    Would love it in my living room, great for a snuggle with my great grandson

  6. Susan B

    I would put it in front of the biggest radiator in the house and snuggle up with my cats.

  7. Tim A

    I know someone who’d love that in their room. Entered!

  8. Maria Gellar

    My husband 😁

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