Christmas Sweet Treats | 25+ Recipes You Need To Try

Don’t you just love Christmas and all the sweet treats around? I’m not going to lie, I got stuck in Aldi the other week in the Christmas aisle, in awe at all the mince pies, Christmas puddings, panettones and other delicious sweet treats they had on sale! But you just can’t beat homemade Christmas treats, can you? Here are over twenty five recipes that you definitely need to try!

Now mince pies are the epitome of festive sweet treats to me and these puff pastry mince pies with whipped cream from The Improving Cook have my mouth watering.

Do you love a festive tipple? These 11 Christmas cocktails from Melissa Jane Lee look absolutely amazing! Which would you try first?

These Christmas sugar cookies from Cooking With My Kids look delicious and are most certainly a fun activity to do with the kids.

Want some easy Christmas biscuits? These ones from Pinkoddy are so quick and easy to make!

This Christmas Crack (chocolate saltine toffee) recipe from Tea & Cake For The Soul makes my mouth water! I’ll certainly be giving this a try!

This pistachio and pomegranate frozen yogurt bark from Recipes From A Pantryis a deliciously unique dessert option at Christmas, full of some festive flavour.

These gluten free mince pies from Craft With Cartwright look absolutely incredible! I could eat them all right now!

Have you ever had duffins? These mince pie duffins from The Improving Cook are a great festive twist on the usual recipe.

These Christmas tree brownies from Hannah Elizabeth look absolutely delicious!

These stained glass biscuits from Cooking With My Kids look so tasty and make for amazing tree decorations!

Do you love The Grinch? Then I think you’ll love these Grinchmas cookies from Mummy’s Little Monkey!

These 10 minute no bake Christmas pudding Oreo cookies from Me & B Make Tea are such a tasty looking sweet treat!

This choc chip panettone bread and butter pudding from The Improving Cook is a tasty dessert option.

These Christmas wreaths from Cooking With My Kids are such a fun and delicious idea!

Get making your own Christmas pudding, just like Shell Louise. Delicious.

These healthier air fryer donuts from Recipes From A Pantry make for a tasty dessert option over the festive period!

These Christmas biscuits from The Improving Cook are super cute!

These snowman cupcakes from Cooking With The Kids are such a fun and fab idea!

This peppermint bark from Away With Katie looks absolutely incredible, don’t you agree?

These no bake reindeer Oreo cookies are so cute and I bet they are absolutely delicious!

Is it really winter if you don’t have a tasty hot chocolate? This real hot chocolate from The Improving Cook is just what I need.

This slow cooker chocolate orange fudge from Emmy’s Mummy would make for both a fantastic treat in the home or a lovely homemade Christmas gift!

These chocolate cookies from End Of The Fork look amazing! The perfect sweet snack.

This slow cooker pumpkin bread pudding from Recipes From A Pantry is a uniquely flavoured dessert idea for the festive period. Why not give it a try?

These Christmas tree brownies from Cooking With My Kids look so delicious and are so beautifully decorated, don’t you agree?

This gluten free yule log from Craft With Cartwright epitomises Christmas to me – it looks SO delicious!

Cinnamon is one of my favourite festive flavours so these Christmas cinnamon angels from Hannah Elizabeth are definitely something I need to try!

These ultimate mince pies from The Improving Cook are something I am definitely going to make. They have my mouth watering.

These Christmas pudding chocolate buttons from Sum Of Their Stories are such a great idea for a sweet treat!

So there we go, 25+ tasty sweet treat recipes! Which, if any, will you be trying?

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  1. Katie

    Oh there are some seriously creative ideas here! Will definitely have to try a couple.

  2. nichola - Globalmouse

    Ooh nice selection – I love those stained glass biscuits. I really enjoy all the different food around at this time of year, it’s so nice for a treat isn’t it?

  3. Rhian westbury

    The sugar cookies and tree brownies look like just the kind of thing I’d eat, it all looks so tasty x

  4. Charli Bruce

    We love making Christmas Sugar cookies, so that is a recipe we shall definitely be trying! x

  5. Nina

    The Christmas crack and the Oreo puddings look fantastic! So much inspiration in this post!

  6. Sally Akins

    There are some great ideas here – I love the look of the pistachio and pomegranate frozen yogurt bark, so pretty!

  7. Louise

    Oh my god these all look absolutely amazing – I’ll definitely be checking out the Christmas cocktails as I’ve been put in charge of drinks this year! x

  8. Melanie williams

    Love the Christmas sugar cookies, from Cooking with my kids. Perfectly timed post, as was just looking for cookie recipes too xx

  9. Stephanie

    Making Christmas sugar cookies is one of me and my mum’s favourite festive traditions x

  10. Olivia Jade

    Lots and lots of great tasty ideas!! The stained glass biscuits are really amazing, and unique! I’m impressed by them. Makes for great decoration too 🙂 Also Bark is great to make, I like that it was featured in this list xx

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