Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen October

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen October

I’m a little late on posting this, you may have noticed from my September post that each box comes with a card for the month ahead.

So while this was Octobers box, it included a November card and I thought well it is never to late to get a post up.

I personally buy Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen. (You can grab some TopCashBack credit when you buy from them too).

There are a couple of different options the first is one where they use your own image to create products. The second they use an artist rendition for.

I am personally signed up for the second option and love the artist’s rendition of Sally.

So what was included in the October box?

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club.

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club October - Bag and Cards

I have to admit I’ve not had a Perfect Pawtrait box that I haven’t liked yet and everything included is always great quality and so useful.

This box saw the inclusion of a Sally bag and pack of Sally cards.

Perhaps the perfect box in the run-up to Christmas. After all, the bag is big enough for shopping with and the cards are great for using as thank you notes after the big days itself.

A Few Home Truths.

I don’t think I mentioned this last time but Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club is run by A Few Home Truths.

This means that most things you see in the boxes I share can be bought in their online store.

For instance, out of subscription the cotton canvas tote bag costs; either £15 using a template image from their website or £35 to have your own picture drawn up.

You will find that if you have a pure breed dog there is likely a template that may look like your dog. However, I totally think that paying extra to have your pooch drawn is worth it.

The cards don’t seem to be an option I can find. However, they do offer a set of personalised Christmas cards at 5 for £10. Which are so cute!

So as you can see if you are a bit of a personalised pet goodies collector like me you can really save over time and build up your collection by signing up to this monthly club.

While one-off purchases and gifts for all the family. (Not just of your pets). Are available in abundance over of the website as well.

What do you think of this monthly subscription, is it one you could see yourself signing up to?

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Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen October

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  1. Treasure Every Moment

    This would make such a special gift for a dog lover this Christmas! I love that it can be completely personalised to your dog 🙂

  2. The London Mum

    Oh this is so sweet, I love the idea of getting my mums dogs on tote bags for her, what a great gift!

  3. Kelsey

    I LOVE the look of this. I am now desperately googling to see if there is a cat version of this box too.

  4. Melanie

    What a fab gifting idea for Christmas. I love this. Also, the bag looks great and it’s actually useful xx

  5. Rebecca Smith

    Oh I love this, its such a fab gift idea – look at Sal!

  6. Emma Raphael

    My Mum has three dogs, and this would make the perfect Christmas gift, thanks so much for the inspiration! 🙂

  7. Rhian Westbury

    It’s so nice to have the artists rendition, they’ve done such a good job with the image of sally x

  8. Becky Jarratt

    I wonder what Sally makes of it? Does she recognise herself on the bag?

    • Sarah

      Sadly she doesn’t have much sight left any more but I might put it in front of her and see what she does lol.

  9. kirsty

    I love the idea of personalised christmas cards and Sally looks very cute. The price is perhaps on the high side for my budget but I can see this being great for pet owners

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