Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen September

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen September

Back in June over on my @Life_BreakDown Instagram I shared a photograph of my first Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club Box.

Ever since then I have stayed subscribed and loved getting to see what arrived each month.

As this happens to be one of my favourite sub boxes at the moment I thought what better review to kick off UK Lifestyle Hub with than this!

I personally by the Perfect Pawtrait box via UOpen. Which is a great website to find all sorts of different subscription boxes.

(By the way, you can get TopCashBack credit when you sign up to a box via them too).

Perfect Pawtrait offer a dog and cat box, so don’t worry kitty parents there is a box for you too!

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen September

The Perfect Pawtrait Club for both dogs and cats costs from £13.99 per month. This review is of the £19.99 box (when paid for monthly).

For anyone who follows Life in a Break Down they will know I am a sucker for anything personalised. Especially when it has Sally’s face on it. Which is perhaps the reason I fell for the box!

Each month a box is sent out with a surprise main item featuring your pet. I’ve had things such as a mug, bamboo coaster and then of course for Septembers box, this beautiful zip bag.

Each box also contains at least one other threat. Sometimes these will be personalised (I’ve had pegs with Sally’s name on and a tiny treat bag with her face one). Other times they will not be such as the notebook included in this months.

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen September

Lastly, a milestone card is also included. This holds the next month and a cute little illustration, sometimes of your pet and sometimes of something else.

The Perfect Pawtrait Club is run by A Few Home Truths.

To go into a bit more detail about the two options, the £13.99 one uses the image you send to them directly, the £19.99 box is the illustrated box.

When purchasing the illustrated option, a talented artist with over 20 years experience will turn your photo into a beautiful head and shoulders rendition in their style. This then becomes the picture that will be used on your items.

I personally absolutely adore the illustrated option as it is something a bit different, then just having a picture you took placed onto an item and I really do love how Sally turned out.

Final Thoughts.

Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen September

Each month I can’t wait to see what turns up. This is definitely a subscription box I will keep subscribing to for a while to come.

Keep an eye both on the blog and both Instagram accounts as I am sure I will be sharing more pictures of it!

What do you think of the Perfect Pawtrait subscription box, is it something you would subscribe to?

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Perfect Pawtrait Dog Club via UOpen September

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  1. Keri

    Ahh Sally looks fab! This would be a great subscription for anyone with a cute pooch x

  2. michelle twin mum

    Oh myh word, that is so cute that every month somethign features your pet, very cool. Mich x

  3. Steve

    This looks like such a fab sub box! I’ll be showing this to my cousin as its something she’d love!

  4. Anosa

    I didn’t know there was a sub box for pets, seems like there are some lovely items curated for this sub box.

  5. Rhian westbury

    This is such a cute subscription box, I’m more of a cat person so I’d have opted for that one x

  6. Elizabeth

    This is such a cute idea for pet lovers! No wonder you’re excited about each box – it’d be like Christmas every time!

  7. kirsty

    I like you, love personalised items. I really love the zip bag with Sally’s face on (what a little cutie) the milestone card has intrigued me a lot. Sounds like a fantastic box and great value for money.

  8. Mayah Camara

    You got some really cute bits in this one. Gotta love a subscription box!

  9. Kara

    I have no idea what to get my mum for her birthday but as a dog lover, this would be perfect

  10. Rachel Craig

    Nice, as we are pet lovers. Like to get treats for the pets. As well as sentimental items pet related, etc.

  11. Katie

    I love this, I’d love one with my cats on!! Checking out the subscription now 🙂

    Katie xoxo

  12. Jen English

    I love this idea! I don’t usually ‘do’ subscription boxes but this is something really different. Thanks for reviewing it, I’m off to take a look x

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