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Are These Three Common Issues Leaving Your Living Room Unlived In?

As the name suggests, the living room is where we should do the majority of our living. This is an area that’s intended to host our evening relaxation, our chats with friends, and our rants after a long day. But, for many of us, that simply isn’t the case.

Recent years, in particular, have seen homeowners shifting towards more regular use of, say, the kitchen for relaxation or hosting. This shift leaves our living rooms unfortunately forgotten, meaning that, not only are we wasting space, but we’re missing out on a lot of cosiness potential within the home. 

After all, no kitchen space can live up to the comfort that a well-designed, loved living room can bring. And, if you find yourself heading to the kitchen more often, then it might be time to question what’s gone wrong in your living room to make this the case.

In this article, we consider just a few of the common mistakes that can leave the living room out of favour, and a few solutions to overcome them.

Furniture that you’re afraid to use

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While they might look great and feel luxurious, smart living room sets with velvet materials or cream colouring will inevitably go to waste if you’re frightened to use them. It’s often more worthwhile to invest in affordable sofa sets that can still look great, and that you’re not terrified of ruining. Or why not invest in brightly coloured furniture that can hide a multitude of sins? Remember, too, that there’s a lot to be said for sofa throws which, as well as adding texture and warmth to your room, can keep your furniture protected and more usable as a result.

A lack of comfort

Stark decorations and a lack of interior additions can leave your living room feeling unwelcoming, especially in comparison to a lived-in kitchen. While plain white living room walls can look great, you should therefore offset them with pops of colour, or personal additions like a photo gallery wall. Texture as mentioned is also great for making a space look warmer. Equally, the addition of log stoves can add a literal warmth that may see you gravitating here unconsciously. All of these together, especially when paired with decor ornaments, plants, and more that mean something to you, can all see your living room looking loved, and livable, at last. 

A preferred alternative

Green sofa in a lived in living room area

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It may simply be that you prefer the look, feel, and position of an alternative room to your living area. In these cases, you may find that finally getting use of your living room simply requires you to repurpose the space. After all, there are plenty of alternative uses that could prove more effective, including a playroom, a library, or an at-home office. Then, you’ll be able to bring things like your sofa into that alternative space, and can finally stop feeling guilty about the tomb of a living room that you never actually set foot in. 

Your living room deserves to be loved. Give it a fighting chance by putting these steps into action. 

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Is your living room feeling a bit unloved and unlived in?Then check out these common issues that can cause that.

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