How to Declutter and Organise your Beauty Products

Do you have more beauty products than you actually need?


That doesn’t make it any easier to part with any of our powders or potions. It’s as if cosmetics have a way of reproducing, which can be super frustrating when you need to get ready quickly and you are knocking over bottles and jars to find what you need.

Decluttering and organising your beauty products into an organised, simplified space can help. Here are a few tips to get you motivated – your bathroom will thank you!

How to Declutter and Organise your Beauty Products lipsticks on a white background

Lay everything out.

Take every beauty product stashed in your makeup bag, cabinets, purse, drawers – everywhere, and off of your vanity.

Pile everything in one spot so you can see what you have.

You can sort everything into smaller piles depending on their use: a pile for hair care, a pile for lip products, a pile for skin care and so on.

The sorting process will help you see what you’re buying too much of.

If you have 16 open lipsticks, it will be a good visual reminder not to buy any more!

You might also notice that you buy many similar products – tons of different brands of eyeshadow that are all the same colour, for example.

That’s actually a good sign that you’ve found “your colour” or “your formula” of that product and that it might be a good idea to invest in a higher quality version rather than buying a ton of so-so versions.

How to Declutter and Organise your Beauty Products Selection of make up including palette and bronzer

Check the dates.

Most eye products and liquid cosmetics have a shelf life of about three months.

Other beauty products may have a shelf life of six months to a year.

Shampoos or lotions may last for a year or two.

Check each product for an expiration date and toss anything that is expired.

While you’re at it, if there any is anything you have not used in the past six months, it’s probably safe to toss it.

Also, pitch anything that smells funky or just doesn’t look quite right.

How to Declutter and Organise your Beauty Products Eyeshadow palette, lipstick, scarf and necklace

Let go of the guilt.

Let’s face it – there are some beauty products that are just not meant to be.

Not every colour will be a home run and not every product will work in the way you want it to.

Also, your sense of style may have changed since you bought it.

For whatever reason, if it’s not working for you, then it’s time to let it go.

If you can’t bear to throw it away, consider posting it on freecycle groups and pages for your area. It might be another woman’s perfect match!

Person holding a blusher with blue nailpolish on - makeup blurred in background

Find proper storage for your must-have products.

Now that you have whittled down your products to what you can’t live without, it’s time to find a proper home for each item.

First give everything a quick wipe down. A once-over with the baby wipe should do just fine.

Mason jars or recycle glass jars can be a great way to display things on your countertop.

Tupperware, bento boxes and silverware storage units are great for things hidden in cabinets and drawers.

Get creative and look around your house for anything you can use to keep your beauty supplies organized.

The easiest solution is to buy an organizer made for organizing beauty products. Amazon, Wilkos, and Ikea are great places to find drawer dividers and other storage solutions.

They come in different sizes and configuration so you can find something that will work perfectly for your collection.

When it comes to keeping your beauty stash streamlined, focus on getting rid of products as soon as you realize you should.

You can repeat this process whenever things start getting out of hand. Your beauty routines will be so much more enjoyable with a decluttered, organised collection!

What is your top tip for staying beauty product organised? 

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How to Declutter and Organise your Beauty Products

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  1. Iris Tilley

    I was thinking if buying little pouches or zipped all in different colours So red for lipsticks brown for foundation black for mascara etc etc. I like the jar idea there’s lots of nice ones out now too.

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