Welcome to the UK Lifestyle Hub

Welcome to the UK Lifestyle Hub

Welcome one and all the UK Lifestyle Hub!

We are so pleased you have come to join us.

Today see’s the launch of a lifestyle blog between myself (Sarah) and Rebecca. Both of us have been blogging for coming on 8 years and in that time have managed to establish both our own personal blogs. Myself with Life in a Break Down and Rebecca with Futures. As well as setting up UK Bloggers, which has a thriving Facebook group, where bloggers can come together, share hints and tips and apply for opps.

Picture of computer and a cup of coffee

For a long time, we have been speaking about opening a blog where we can combine our knowledge and specialities, a place for everyone.

So finally, today, see the opening and launch of UK Lifestyle Hub. A place where you will find a whole host of articles, where there will be something for everyone no matter their likes and a place where we can hopefully look to bring you some amazing giveaways as well (after all we are both huge competition fans).

While we don’t know where this blog will lead us, our past years of blogger mean we both know it will be filled with fun and adventure and we cannot wait to go on this one with you.


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  1. Danielle

    Exciting times ahead for both of you and of course us 😍
    I’ll be looking forward to all the new content and I wish you both the very best and success for the future!

  2. Rebecca Barnes

    Exciting news! I have a poke around and like how it’s laid out. Look forward to seeing more! 🙂

  3. Teresa sheldon

    Great to see you together, looks great so far, and I’m looking forward to future conten, love you singly and I’m sure I’m going to double love your blog together xx good luck xx

  4. Teresa sheldon

    Great to see you blogging together, love you both so double the content brilliant here’s lots of enjoyable reads and feeds xx

  5. Tea and Cake for the Soul

    All the very best on your new venture. It’s looking great.

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