Win a £10 Amazon Voucher - September

Win a £10 Amazon Voucher – September

How is it September already?

I was talking to Bex earlier and I was such next month was September, how did it happen that in fact, we are already there!

One thing I often do on Life in a Break Down is do a monthly Amazon giveaway.

I thought with this month full of amazing giveaways from other people, who don’t I change it up a bit and offer it over here!

Win a £10 Amazon Voucher - September

I’m not sure if you know but we have set up an instagram to go with the blog and as I do over on LIABD I thought I would share with you some of our latest posts!

So how can you be in with the chance of winning yourself this prize?

Well you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let us know using 8 words or more:
Let me know what you have been up to of late, anything special done or planned? Or perhaps tell me a joke!  

Win a £10 Amazon Voucher

Good Luck!


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  1. Theresa

    Fingers crossed

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    One of those weeks where everything happens ! Still here – still smiling

  3. mark Richardson

    I went to the Reading festival,great fun except for the weather.

  4. Lucy

    Been really busy at work and just getting back into the gym as well – looking forward to a weekend of chill time!

  5. Tracy Nixon

    Kids went back to school on Tuesday so I have been enjoying some me time at last! Soooooo glad Autumn has arrived! It is my favourite season! I hated the heatwave so glad Summer is over!

  6. lynn savage

    What have I been up to? I’ve been looking after my 2 little grandsons, and I’m knackered.

  7. William Gould

    We have been cleaning/sanding/varnishing an old piece of furniture we bought last week. Also lined all the drawers!

  8. Ashleigh Allan

    We had a day at the zoo which was lots of fun


    I was going to a vegan retreat at Champneys next week, Until it got postponed till November! Just as I got all excited!

  10. iain maciver

    been busy doing all sorts a funny week

  11. Emma C

    Got a wedding on Saturday…hoping for no rain!

  12. Patricia Avery

    Not been doing a lot as still in recovery from a very nasty stomach bug over a week ago 🙁

  13. Ali Duke

    Not much going on here, just working away lol

  14. A.E. ADKINS

    The whole family has had a very stressful week, compounded by back to school and extra related traffic.


    I took my daughter to Cbeebies Land.

  16. Solange

    I was so busy preparing the kids to go back to school.

  17. Ruth Harwood

    I’ve put up a friend who found himself homeless after Universal credit messed up his housing benefit. He’s been on my sofa for a few weeks, and we’ve been struggling, but hopefully things will feel better for all when he finds somewhere to live, it’s not nice being homeless, and I couldn’t see him alone on his birthday xx


    planning to make some cakes this week, when I can find some sugar free white chocolate

  19. clair downham

    Q: What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?
    A: “Put it on my bill.”

  20. Lyndsey

    Me and my 2 kids are going to Liverpool to see the Disney cruise ship, they are both getting dressed up as Prince charming and a princess

  21. Carolyn E

    I have been looking after a friends dog, 3 cats, 5 chickens and 15 fish. It’s been busy ! And there is a lot of poop to pick up.

  22. Kim Neville

    We went to Southend for family day out. Adventure Island is perfect for kids and no queues for rides 🙂

  23. Keith Hunt

    Just booked a nice cruise for 2020 as always live in the future

  24. Amandeep Sibia

    It’s been our son’s first week of school! Exciting for everyone.

  25. amanda w

    Weve just come back from Disneyland Paris!! We all had a fab time and cant wait to go again!!!

  26. andrea tinkler

    Limericks I cannot compose,
    With noxious smells in my nose.
    But this one was easy,
    I only felt queasy,
    Because I was sniffing my toes

  27. Laura Turner

    Been digging up the flower beds so that I can lay grass seed and make the garden more manageable next year,

  28. Sue McCarthy

    I went to a zoo the other day. But there was only one animal on display – a dog. It was a Shih Tzu!

  29. Tiffeny Brown

    I had toe nail surgery a few days ago, so I’ve just been resting x

  30. Alice O'Neill

    Enjoying a week’s holiday this week…but not doing anything exciting …just a staycation

  31. Shan G

    I’ve been gardening and picking apples to make crumbles and pies.

  32. Nicola Marshall

    Got back from Disneyland at the weekend and since been busy getting the kids ready for back to school & nursery.

  33. Michael Rattray

    New bathroom getting fitted soon

  34. Annabel Greaves

    I have been sorting out the kids to get them ready for the first week of school this week

  35. Sheena Batey

    I have made a dress today and it’s quite good though I say so myself

  36. Geri Gregg

    I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant wishing my due date was sooner! Can’t wait to see him :)x

  37. kazh

    I’ve been chilling with my dog, watching and enjoying life.

  38. Helen B

    We have just move house so a lot of decorating to do and flooring to lay.

  39. S.Otoole

    Lots and lots of babysitting and days out to keep grand children occupied, back to school now.

  40. Jackie Dawson

    I went on my first ever ghost hunt, was a fantastic night!

  41. Jo Hutchings

    I’ve just started a new job so lots to learn and think about.

  42. Adrienne McGroder

    The kids went back to school so just trying to get back into routine

  43. Michelle Smith

    My daughter got married and my granddaughter was a flower girl which was lovely

  44. Simone Griffin

    I’ve been planning (and stressing about!) my wedding which is now this month!!!

  45. Rachel Craig

    We went on a ferry trip, enjoyed our day out with some tourists. Then enjoyed some delicious fish and chips at a local restaurant :- Which was included as part of boat trip.

  46. jacqui rushton

    We are off to the Isles of Scilly for a late summer holiday in a weeks time – cannot wait!

  47. Fran

    Been playing a holiday to Paris can’t wait!! I got in October

  48. Abigail

    We had a lovely family walk in the woods 🙂

  49. Freya Hannah

    Why did the squirrel scream?
    Because somebody pinched his nuts!

  50. Jen hague

    I made a blackberry crumble, yummy!

  51. Dale Dow

    Lately, we did one of the best things ever, got a puppy!

  52. Jo F

    Been for a junior park run with the kids this morning and planning to spend the afternoon tidying up the garden. Not that exciting!

  53. Kathy Cakebread

    i’ve been busy working hard on my blog

  54. Gillian McClelland

    I have just booked a Holiday in December

  55. Penny Lane

    We went to the Thermae Bath Spa in Bath! I’m a huge spa fan myself and LOVED it.

  56. claire woods

    Back to school/work, so nothing exciting happening for us.

  57. Pam Francis Gregory

    Busy at work (as usual!)

  58. Adam Cooke

    Just moved house with partner and created home made cinder toffee yum!

  59. Carole Nott

    Had only a routine week of the usual work and play

  60. Zoey P

    Just booked our Christmas holiday , cannot wait as never been to Malaysia

  61. Margaret Clarkson

    I recently started a new job and have been busy getting trained.

  62. Sarah Morris

    Helped my daughter move to her first flat

  63. Valerie Seal

    Just had a wonderful weekend with friends

  64. Caroline Hunter

    We had an end of Summer BBQ last Saturday with friends. We played potato plop, it was the funniest night EVER!

  65. cheryl hadfield

    after a short time in hospital my hubbies grandmother passed away over the weekend, so we have been spending alot of time with family.

  66. Sophie Roberts

    I’ve recently booked a trip to Berlin in December to see the Christmas markets with my boyfriend, I’m so excited!

  67. Tee Simpson

    Had a busy week with the kids going back to school. Been trying to find a new norm. Mundane things like shopping, cleaning ect.

  68. Lorna Ledger

    We have been having lots of lunches out, and pottering round car boots

  69. Susan B

    It has been a catching up with paperwork week. Not exciting but good to get things sorted until next month.

  70. Catherine Stewart

    I’ve just come back from a holiday in Rome- it was amazing!

  71. Jessica Walker

    Doctors today and cleaning! Exciting times!

  72. Nikki Hayes

    We’ve been following the Gromit Unleashed 2 art trail around Bristol and surrounding areas over the last couple of months – all proceeds from the eventual auction of the sculptures goes to the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity :o)

  73. Nuala R

    Me and my hubby are taking my son to Alton Towers

  74. chloe fensome

    Just came back from valencia, spain

  75. Debbie Finnerty

    I have had an ever so lazy week binge watching tv and eating junk!

  76. Fiona jk42

    We went to visit our daughter & granddaughter, which we do each month, and instead of driving we took the train. It took us less time to get there than it has done when we’ve gone by car, but on the way back we messed up, missed the train and ended up waiting at Euston for almost an hour. Luckily we had booked an open return so we were able to take the later train. We then had to wait half an hour for a bus once we reached the other end. The journey back ended up taking almost 6 hours. So the jury is still out on whether we will swap our car for the train for the next visit.

  77. Lorraine Stone

    Getting out and about with the hubby. We live in a tourist hotspot so it is nice when the crowds thin a bit.

  78. Abigail Cullen

    I have been continuing with my exercise plan, to get down to my goal weight of 9 stone.

  79. Andrew

    Another fantastic read guys!

  80. Andrew

    I’m recovering from a fractured fibula, and using my free gym membership to get in shape!

  81. Jazmin Cooper

    Good luck everyone 🤞🏼

  82. charlotte

    we went on a little late deal to rhodes it was lovely to get some more sunshine! 😀

  83. Jessica Powell

    We just got back from holiday last week so now it’s all school and work for the foreseeable!

  84. Amanda tanner

    Been sorting out my balcony. New furniture new decor and loads of nice plants

  85. S Kerry

    I’ve getting used to having a baby, he’s nearly 7 weeks now

  86. Catherine Bullas

    Not been doing a lot but enjoyed hunting for conkers with my 3 youngest today.

  87. Keri Jones

    We’ve been playing Pokémon Go like crazy lately. We’re totally addicted! The best thing about it is we’ve made lots of new, lovely friends 🙂 x

  88. Danielle Spencer

    My friend has invited me to join her at a craft morning tomorrow so looking forward to that.

  89. Alison Johnson

    Not been up to a lot as I was silly & fell in my garden when I tried to run to get something out of my shed in the rain, wearing my garden clogs, slipped on the new path my son put down & hurt my arm as I tried to save myself. I really need to sort the garden out & plant some spring bulbs!

  90. Ellie

    I’m moving into my university accommodation in Exeter!

  91. Laura Jeffs

    We just got 3 little black kittens, they’re absolutely adorable!

  92. Simon Tutthill

    It’s a friend’s birthday this weekend and it’s all good

  93. Laura Scott

    Arranging my return to work from mat leave.

  94. Carrie H

    I’ve had a major de-clutter this week – we were drowning in stuff. I feel like we’ve moved to a bigger, better house. There’s so much more room and no piles in corners!

  95. Sarah Bass

    I know – can’t believe it’s already September! Just as long as no one mentions the “C” word, we’ll be OK… 🙂

  96. Joseph Westhead

    I’ve been busy at work, but also buy managing my finances planning to go travelling. Currently going exceptionally well.

  97. Amy PJ

    I’ve been fussing over my dog, who has just turned two. Still a cheeky boy!

  98. Jodie Green

    As a home educating mum of 7 its been mainly teaching the children and lots of crafting and games for me

  99. Anthony Harrington

    In the process of moving so all we have being doing lately is packing

  100. Angela Kelly

    I was happy this week that the temperatures were finally low enough to wear my autumn clothes. I never know what to wear in summer, so autumn is much better for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  101. Jade P

    Work, work and more work for me! Actually managed to make some time this week to catch up with a few friends though so feeling a little better about myself!

  102. Kelly smith

    No good at jokes, but I am off to Barcelona tomorrow 🙂 thanks x

  103. Brenda

    We are off to Orlando in 26 days, cannot wait…so excited!

  104. Lydia Graham

    I recently took the children on an educational day trip to Edinburgh, around 250 miles each way.

  105. Grace

    I spent the morning pulling my winter clothes out of the back of the wardrobe, because it’s like it’s jumped from summer to winter in a week!

  106. Alice Gilkes

    We haven’t really been up to all that much lately.

  107. Claire Nutman

    Knock Knock! Who’s there?
    Cash who?
    I knew you were a nut!

  108. Liam Bishop

    I had to take down a giant old wooden ikea bed at the weekend to take to the skip, took hours and the use of a big hammer to do so. Spent the rest of the weekend with sore muscles.

  109. Rich Tyler

    Just got back from a long weekend in Amsterdam!

  110. Milly Youngman

    Just been busy with work and preparing for my holiday in October!

  111. shane weir

    We are just in the process of booking a trip to centre parcs

  112. nicola rupawala

    I’ve been planning my honeymoon

  113. Emma Gibson

    Been baking and shopping.

  114. Kara W

    Just had a great birthday weekend with my family and friends, going to two of my favourite restaurants!

  115. Emma Howard

    I’m just enjoying a but of time to myself now the kids are back at school!

  116. Sylvia Paul

    We’ve been busy decorating our living room xx

  117. Kasper

    Going to london next month 🙂

  118. Stef Acaster

    I’ve been busy painting and planning finishing touches for the kitchen

  119. Carole E

    I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes shut

  120. Sarah Churchill

    Congratulations on the new site! So exciting seeing you grow

  121. Rebecca Nisbet

    I have been helping my sister with her wedding, she is getting married in 2 weeks! so excited!

  122. sarah fielding

    I have started university again after having the summer off, very exciting!

  123. Ursula Hunt

    I have said a sad farewell to my youngest son who is going to be touring Asia for a year, I will miss him so so much but what a great experience for him

  124. Scott Fallon

    I’ve been gardening. Did some errands around the house. Nothing too exciting

  125. James Travis

    Being going to watch the football and been doing some running

  126. DeanGarfield

    Fab giveaway!

  127. Christopher Read

    I have been away for a few days, staying in Stoke-on-Trent. Thanks for running this comp 🙂

  128. Victoria Sparrow

    Being lazy today. I was up until 2 this morning making sure all my business accounts were ready to submit to the local council. Got films on and browsing the internet. Youngest kid is busying himself in his bedroom.

    Looking forward to the weekend. We get to try out the family camper van for a birthday trip. 🙂

  129. Victoria Sparrow

    Random jokes from my son’s new joke book.

    What is yellow and brown and hairy?
    Cheese on toast dropped on the carpet

    Why did the germ cross the microscope?
    To get to the other slide.

    What do you get if you cross a maths teacher with a piece of furniture?
    A multiplication table

  130. iain


  131. Joanna Nichol

    Just got married and returned from honeymoon!

  132. emma morgan

    Hubby had few days holiday , he went back today so now I need a few days holiday lol x

  133. john foster

    i have been reading lots

  134. Ellen Stafford

    I visited Clark’s Village (outlet shops) today. Haven’t been since I was a child. Got some bargain skechers and a few other goodies. I also had the best burger ever from the Gourmet Burger Kitchen! EPIC!

  135. greig spencer


  136. Emily Hutchinson

    Working really really hard to get ahead before we go on holiday later this month!

  137. Aimee Charbonnier

    Haven’t been doing much but it’s my birthday on the 4th. Getting older! My late dad loved this joke:

    What does a perverted frog say?


  138. Victoria Prince

    I’ve been on a training course to enable me to volunteer helping children in the care system. It’s been really interesting. Final week this week!

  139. Sharon Everett

    Planning our next trip away in the caravan 😋❤❤💓

  140. Anthea Holloway

    I have been very busy picking apples and pears – we have so many this year and are keeping our friends, family and neighbours well supplied with both!

  141. Joanna Nichol

    Just got married!

  142. Sheri Darby

    I have been doing very little as I am limited by a badly broken ankle, but hoping to go to the Norfolk coast soon

  143. Tanya Deliyska

    We saw Europe at the Royal Albert Hall on 23rd September and they were absolutely phenomenal!

  144. Troy Easton

    Doctors fun

  145. kerri copeland

    wondering what to do with my future

  146. Natasha Placeres Lamb

    Just another week being a single mummy of 2 girls taking them to nursary shopping cleaning cooking and changing nappies 😂

  147. Katherine Lucas

    I’ve been renovating my house this past year

  148. Sharon Hirst

    Met up for lunch with 2 friends, we’ve known each other since school over 40 years ago, was great to catch up.

  149. tina Glover

    I’ve had a manic few weeks with 2 weddings and a hen party to go to. This weekend we are in the Lakes for a 40th party and I managed to chop a big piece of my finger off in a hand blender last week making a smoothie for my daughter! xx

  150. Steph

    I’ve got my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, so have been planning a big trip to USA!

  151. Sam Parkes

    Catching up on housework and getting house sorted now kids back at school

  152. Kim Murray

    Enjoyed a baking day for my daughters bake sale at work – made rocky road, a lemon drizzle cake and a carrot cake x

  153. Laura Napier

    Had a pretty busy few months!
    Got married in June, moved house in September, and i’m currently cooking a bun in the oven – due January 5th 😉 Best year ever!

  154. karen watt

    Planning decorating and choosing colours

  155. Karen Barrett

    I have just planned my Christmas Day menu! 🙂

  156. Janet Birkin

    Ready for moving house so decluttering

  157. Rebecca Whatmore

    I’ve been starting to organise a charity stall for a fete

  158. chloe brill

    going to henley

  159. Susan Willshee

    Earlier this year I began suffering from epilepsy and one of the main problems for me was that it seemed as though my memory had been wiped. I would say things like ‘ooh, we should go and see this musical at our local theatre’ and my hubby would tell me that we’d been to see it just a few months ago!
    I lost huge chunks of memory and needed to find a way to start rebuilding my ability to remember things. So I’ve enrolled in 2 lessons a week to learn Spanish.
    Although my memory is very slowly getting better, one of the best things about trying to improve it is that I’ve met loads of new friends and had lots of laughs (mostly at my complete inability to say anything in Spanish without sounding like Manuel from Fawlty Towers!)


    My 4 year old grandson, who has non verbal autism, said ‘bye bye’ to me without prompting needless to say I am so very proud of him

  161. Mark Mccaffery

    Feels like everyone has went into hibernation up here.

  162. Debbie Preston

    Just got back from a sunny week in Menorca- now back to work and the cold

  163. Tracy Hanson

    Went to the awards dinner for my local rugby league team on Sunday. Ended up meeting a HUGE favourite player who gave me 2 hugs and asked where I was sitting on Friday when they play in the semi-final of the Super League, he wanted to know so he could look for me and wave!!

  164. Margaret Mccaffery

    I just got back from a break and I’m missing it already.

  165. Katie Walker

    I moved house recently back up to where my family are based. So I have been spending a lot of time with my nieces which is brilliant they are so much fun.

  166. Sheena Read

    I’ve been trying to get over post holiday blues. Memories are such an amazing part of it.

  167. Sarah Mccaffery

    Is it me or is it feeling more like winter everyday.

  168. lauren carrett

    started a new job and so far lovin it!!

  169. Robyn Clarke

    Counting down the days till our holiday. We are going on my ultimate bucketlist trip for our 10th wedding anniversary. 2 weeks till we set off for Thailand.

  170. Adrian Bold

    I went to a zoo the other day which only had 1 dog in it.

    It was a shih-tzu.

  171. paula cheadle

    I am going to my local food festival this weekend

  172. Michaela B

    Nothing exciting, cleaning up kitten poo :'( and stressing over my son’s birthday getting closer!

  173. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    We’ve been quite busy helping our daughter move. You know hwat kids are like….l haven’t got much stuff mom! Hahaha a week later!

  174. Sarah Parker

    I’ve been running my kids around to their sports clubs 🙂

  175. Caroline Tokes

    I have been house hunting with my son as he wants to move to my area

  176. Meryl Thomas

    Just started doing a fashion course – great fun

  177. Lorraine Crawford

    I have been getting the garden ready for winter!

  178. laura avery

    Not much really, have a few nice dates with kids coming up Archaeology Dig, Trip To Royal Albert Hall for the School Proms. Might sneek a cheeky caravan holiday in , this month.

  179. paul jackson

    I have been looking after my 2 year old granddaughter

  180. Maria Jane Knight

    I have been working so much of late. Im a photographer and have been sitting at my desk editing images for what feels like weeks on end!

  181. Ali Fanstone

    retiring very soon and putting the house on the market ready to move into something smaller and slowing down from the ratrace

  182. Rebecca Martin

    I’m about to go hiking in the Pyrenees by myself, 100 miles in 4 days – wish me luck 🙂

  183. gaynor Vincent

    Planning my youngest sons secondary school’ lots of visits and things to organise!

  184. Hayley Todd

    I am so proud of my girls at the moment, one is studying really hard for her first year A-Levels as she wants to go on to university to study law, and my eldest daughter has just returned to university to become a nurse.

  185. amanda greensmith

    drinking lots of cups of tea with family members besides that we haven’t done a lot due to losing my mother in-in-law a week ago very sudden so at the moment were just in limbo waiting for the inquest next week x

  186. Lauren Jeffs

    Been busy with work and paperwork for a house purchase – stressful time. looking forward to christmas!

  187. Tammy Neal

    Looking after horses x

  188. Terry Greer

    Minding our grandson

  189. Erica Hughes

    Got a bit of a reunion curry night out planned for the weekend.

  190. janine atkin

    we’re going to see Hozier in december

  191. Lizanne Deacon

    Lots of fun things with the kiddies

  192. Anneka Davies

    Work, work and work 😞

  193. Laura Pritchard

    I have been applying for jobs & looking for a new house!

  194. Kyomi Johnson

    I’ve just finished two and a half years of chemotherapy treatment and now spending time with family

  195. Terrie-Ann Wright

    Unfortunately things haven’t been go well recently for me, my dad passed away 2 weeks ago and his funeral is tomorrow, it was all very sudden and he was on 54, then next week is my only sons 2nd birthday, unfortunately he was stillborn. Hoping that things will pick back up again, need some happier times.

  196. Carol Bird

    Why did the toilet roll down the hill?
    To get to the bottom!

  197. Lyndsay Harris

    A couple of weeks ago I visited distant friends and gained a beautiful god daughter 🙂

  198. harvey jordan

    Fingers crossed

  199. harvey jordan

    wow Fingers crossed


    I’ve been recovering from a minor op. So nothing exciting I’m afraid.

  201. Carol Phile

    Sadly, the past three weeks have been taken up with organising my Mum’s funeral and interment.

  202. zoe brown

    looking forward to a week alone with my b/f dont get to see him much

  203. Hazel Rea

    We’ve been trying to declutter which is going slowly but we have taken some donations to several charity chops.

  204. Lia Burns

    I have been getting prepared for Christmas and buying gifts, so far so good. Completed my youngest gifts

  205. Michael Smart

    This week I have started a photography course with Link into Learning

  206. Amy Jo mclellan

    Deodorant or shampoo? That’s tough question!

  207. Megan M

    me and my other half both had a week off so we jumped in the car one morning and disappeared up to the highlands. Was totally spontaneous! just drove around and found a b&b for the night wherever we stopped 🙂 it was totallly unplanned and probably one of the best trips i’ve ever been!

  208. Monika Bascombe

    I have been in and out of dentist office to fix my broken tooth – not nice but its done and i can smile again

  209. Gemma Massey

    I’ve been going to my parents caravan by a lake the views beautiful and my chug Arthur loves it it’s so relaxing and helps me de stress

  210. Jamie Millard

    busy this week baby proofing the house now he has found his legs.

  211. Anne Woodthorpe

    Urgh just working, work, work, work

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