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Prezzybox Wishlist

Happy Wednesday!

This week has been a bit of a strange one with the bank holiday and I feel like I am all over the place in the wrong direction.

However, I managed to pull up my trousers and get together another wishlist (I promise some different content soon)!

This time from one of my favourite, present selling websites – Prezzybox!

Pug Nail Dryer Potty Piano Mug Cakes Unicorn Shower Cap

Pug Nail Dryer

Hands up who loves Pugs!

I do, I do! So why not treat your nails to the perfect blow dry when you have been giving them a pampering.

Absolutely adorable and complete with a pocket-friendly price of just £7.99 this Pug Nail Dryer, would make the perfect for me or you gift this year.

Potty Piano

What do you do when you got the loo?

Do you take a book, or do you take your phone?

How about taking something completely different? How about learning to play the piano while you poo!

Compelete with play book you can be tinkling a turn while you erm tinkle in now time thanks to this Potty Piano which comes in at just £15.99.

Mug Cakes

Mug Cakes can really be delicious and they don’t have to be hard to make!

Not sure you believe me? Well then why not grab yourself one of these Mug Cake books which will help you along the road of making the best possible mug cakes with the least possible effort.

What’s more, the book only costs £7.99, so you could spend that change from £10 towards the ingredients.

Unicorn Shower Cap

Unicorns are awesome right? I mean who wouldn’t love to ride off on one.

Now I can’t give you a unicorn to ride off into the sunset on. I can give you one of these awesome unicorn shower caps!

Which will allow you to let your unicorn side free, while you shower off.

So there you have four items from Prezzybox I really do fancy buying. How about you though, do any of them take your fancy?

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PrezzyBox Wishlist

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  1. Jeanette Leighton

    Love the pug nail dryer I bought a monkey one for my partner’s daughter

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