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If you’ve checked in for my Wednesday Competition over on Life in a Break Down today, you will have seen the darkness of winter is already getting to me a little.

There is only one thing that always brings a smile to my face though and that is being able to tell someone YOU ARE A WINNER!

So I thought why not start a Wednesday competition over here as well.

And while I am giving away chocolate over on LIABD, I thought a voucher would do well here.

As I’m not 100% with it, I thought I would share some of our UK Lifestyle Hub Instagram posts with you.

I am a bit late posting this with all we went through with Sal last week but I made it before the end of the month woo! This has to be one of my favourite sub boxes at the moment. It is the illustrated version of the Perfect Pawtrait Box (which is available for both cats and dogs) from @afewhometruths via @uopenofficial. I’m on my third box and love a Sally surprise each month! What do you think of it? #subscriptionbox #subscriptionboxes #discoverunder1k #bossbabe #ukbloggers1 #bloggersgetsocial #uklifestyle #ukblogger #ukbloggerlife #lblogger #bblogger #musthave #monthlysurprise #perfectpawtrait #dogsofinstagram #doggystyles #doggifts #discoverunder5k #homedecor #homeideas #productspotlight #bloggerdiaries #bloggerlifestyle #bloggernation #imsallydog #blogpromotion

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Sorry I didn’t get a blog post up today 😱. Some of you will be familiar with @iamsallydog from both her profile and @life_breakdown. Sadly she took a tumble off the bed at the weekend and we had to rush her to vets at 2am! So I am little all over the place! She’s back on her feet and tottering around now, but it definitely left us all shaken and more aware she really is 17 years young. Hopefully I’ll be back on track next week! I have an awesome review from @uopenofficial of items with Sals face on (so you know they are going to be cute) to do! #discoverunder1k #bloggersgetsocial #uklifestyle #ukbloggers #ukbloggerlife #ukblog #ukblogger #bblogger #bblogeruk #fblogger #fbloggeruk #lbloggers #lbloggersuk #fdbloggers #fdbloggersuk #bloggersuk #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersofig #bloggerswelove #bloggerslove #bloggertrends #bloggeruk #bloggerbabe #bloggerlife #blogging #blogger #bloggerslife

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So all that is left to say is how you enter the competition and to do that just let me know using 8 words or more:
What you have been up to of late, anything special done or planned? Or perhaps tell me a joke!

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Good Luck.






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  1. Andrea Upton

    I have just been on a six and a half mile walk this morning, the autumn colours are fantastic, the pouring rain not so good!

  2. iain maciver

    just been tidying up the garden for winter time and feeding a cat that comes to see us every day

  3. Michelle Wild

    I’m thinking and planning for Christmas.

  4. Solange

    I have just started to get ready for Christmas.

  5. janh

    I am selling my late parents property, so we have been busy emptying it however as it is 60+ miles away, it takes us a little time.

  6. Kim Neville

    We went to the Wembley Stadium tour which was really interesting to see behind the scenes

  7. Tracy Nixon

    Ive started my Christmas shoppng and feeling excited!

  8. William Gould

    Not been up to much of late – bit of a “dead” time of year, November…

  9. Rachael

    I’ve been busy trying to juggle life, self employment and two kids, one a 3 month old. Life is stressful!

  10. Lisa Rowsell

    I’ve planned a day trip to London in December, and I can’t wait as I haven’t been there in years.

  11. bev

    Mainly this week I have been comforting the poor doggy through all the fireworks — strangely the guinea pig was fine but the dog was a wreck.

  12. kerri copeland

    cutest guinea haha

  13. Natalie Crossan

    i’ve been planning my mums birthday and working mainly this week

  14. Chloe Taylor

    A little Christmas themed joke for you!😂
    Q: What did the turkey say before it was roasted?
    A: Boy! I’m stuffed!

  15. Ro day

    We have been been booking our wedding. It’s on a cruise ship, it took a while to pull it together but we can’t wait now.

  16. Anthony Harrington

    we have recently moved home, a big change for us, from the London suburbs to a little village on the South Coast. Still living out of boxes but loving it.

  17. Marycarol

    We’ve been doing a bit of decorating so will be glad to get that finished and the house restored to order x

  18. cheryl hadfield

    I have recently returned from a family holiday to spain and now have the holiday blues, but trying to get into the festive spirit now for my favourite time of the year

  19. Jamie Piper

    planning my wedding

  20. leanne weir

    We are in process of buying a house

  21. Karen Barrett

    Very proud of myself, I have just laid a laminate floor, first one I’ve ever done 🙂

  22. A S,Edinburgh

    I’m going to try and start baking again; I haven’t done any in a long time.

  23. Amy PJ

    I’ve been looking around local eateries, trying to work out where we’ll have our Christmas dinner this year!

  24. Rich Tyler

    Been buying bits for my little boys 2nd birthday & xmas presents too

  25. Lisa Day

    My friend says to me: “What rhymes with orange”
    I said: “No it doesn’t”

    14.What did the pirate say when he turned 80 years old?
    – Aye matey.

  26. Sue McCarthy

    I haven’t done anything exciting lately. The photos of your guinea pig and Sally are adorable.

  27. Margaret Clarkson

    I recently had a nice visit to the city of York and had an afternoon tea cruise down the river Ouse. It was lovely.

  28. Helen B

    We are just waiting for our new bath to be fitted, I miss having a soak in the bath

  29. Sinead ORourke

    Going to Ireland to see my family

  30. Joanne Billington

    School, work, food, football, sleep, repeat.

  31. clair downham

    i have been decluttering the house in time for xmas

  32. nicola rupawala

    I have been planning for Christmas already, otherwise I will run out of time.

  33. Liam Bishop

    I went to see the Harry Potter play, it was brilliant!

  34. Laura Jeffs

    Nothing exciting I’m afraid…been getting over a streaming cold, still not 100% better, but I’m slowly getting there xx

  35. Priscilla Stubbs

    I have recently been exam invigilating in the local secondary school. I retired 8 years ago but I am enjoying going out to work, even it is only for a few hours a week.

  36. James T

    Preparing to go on a long overdue holiday!

  37. Annabel Greaves

    I am starting to think about organising things for Christmas

  38. Joo Dee

    just comping!

  39. Keith Hunt

    Had a great day out at sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary as the hounds love a quick kiss from a donkey as it 100% dog friendly site.

  40. Sarah N

    I spend most of my day now looking after my house bound mum, and my evenings doing family stuff.

  41. Hazel Rea

    We have been trying to tidy the garden and cut back an overgrown hedge. We also went to help our son start getting the garden of the house he has just moved in to under control.

  42. Andrea Fletcher

    I have been painting all week in our new bathroom, not my favourite job. Am looking forward to visiting some local christmas markets soon.

  43. Susan B

    I am spending time trawling the internet every day for affordable gifts for Christmas. In between that, cleaning up leaves and tidying the garden for winter.

  44. Tiffeny Brown

    Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy!

  45. Sheena Batey

    Sadly been to a colleague’s funeral today made me realise you need to live every day

  46. Penny Lane

    We’re taking a winter holiday to Vienna!

  47. Ruth Harwood

    We’ve booked a holiday to portugal for next september, something to look forward to!!

  48. Anna Lord

    I went to see “A Star is Born” yesterday with Lady Gaga. Highly recommended, she’s a very talented actress and singer.

  49. AK Cunningham

    I just started work running an creative after school Club after nearly 5 years break and it feels so good to earn my own money again!

  50. Emily

    Planning for Christmas – from gift shopping to dreaming of all the yummy food I’m going to cook!

  51. kelly wheelhouse

    I’m currently on maternity leave with a 13 week old baby boy 🙂 I’m struggling a little with finding things to keep me occupied. Of course my baby is keeping me busy, but I feel a little stuck like I can’t do much because of my baby’s needs. I go out for about an hour each day but living on maternity pay is awful so I can’t really afford to do anything!

  52. Jodie A Green

    ive spend the last 2 weeks with 5 poorly kiddies… i need a holiday!!

  53. Theresa Wakeley

    We went glamping up
    In Inverness with my oug Reddington!

  54. Carolyn E

    I have been housesitting looking after a dog and a cat while the owners are on holiday. It’s been brilliant. It’s like being in holiday with sone furry friends.

  55. Alice Gilkes

    I want to tell you a construction joke, but I am still working on it.

  56. Linda Ford

    Sorting out Christmas gifts for family, we don’t live close by so have to be organised so can we get together before Christmas Day

  57. Kathy Cakebread

    Just working and writing my blog

  58. Karen R

    We had a nice night out to see a bonfire and fireworks display on Monday xx

  59. Lyndsey

    If ive not been in uni ive been at home doing uni work!

  60. Kelly Hirst

    I’ve been busy sorting out paperwork as we are moving house soon

  61. rosie

    I’ve been busy getting organised, Christmas shopping, and working!

  62. Rebecca Nisbet

    Nothing exciting from me 🙁 but I have got a joke!
    Whats blue and doesn’t weigh very much?

    Light blue!

  63. Kay Sherman

    We went to a pta function last night bangers and brains where we had local sausages was great

  64. Fiona jk42

    I’ve been struggling to motivate myself to get outside more. However, today is fine and sunny (at the moment at least) so I am going to go outside and sweep the leaves from my driveway. After I’ve had another cup of coffee….

  65. Karen Tranmer

    I hav been tidying up the garden and feeding the birds

  66. Jo Hutchings

    We’ve been in the middle of packing up our house. Hopefully we’ll be all moved soon.

  67. Fay

    I’ve just been working. I had to travel from Sussex up to Birmingham the other day but it wasn’t for fun unfortunately

  68. Catherine S

    I have spent all afternoon baking two Christmas cakes!

  69. Valerie Seal

    We’re off to Egypt soon so hubby can do some snorkling

  70. gemma hendry

    i just enjoyed quiet weekend with my daughter and fiance


    I had a lovely weekend with my family starting our Christmas shopping together which was fun and exciting

  72. Louise Jones

    I love the look of the Perfect Pawtrait boxes!!

    We’ve been dealing with a very poorly 7mo baby recently, and on top of illness he’s just cut hist first two teeth so we are super proud!

  73. Leila Benhamida

    We went to.the Cinema and watch The Grinch which was brilliant.

  74. Sarah Rees

    We just got back from a two week holiday in sunny Florida, Its so cold and rainy here but I am looking forward to Christmas

  75. Nikki Hayes

    We’ve made a start on the pre-Christmas deep clean – just had the ceiling replaced in the bathroon so its nice and empty for stuff that only gets done a couple of times a year like cleaning the windows! Started on Christmas shopping last month and will be carrying on with that right up to Christmas Eve!

  76. Ursula Hunt

    I have been buys looking after my 2 year old granddaughter while her parents decorate the nursery for the new baby due soon

  77. claire griffiths

    i have been doing some christmas shopping

  78. Katie B

    Moving house and trying to get things unpacked as we have a housewarming soon!

  79. charlotte

    we have just been to fueteventura and been to the zoo and fed the giraffes it was lovely

  80. Lorna Ledger

    We went to a Virtual Race night on Friday and had cheeseburger and won £3.601 it was a lot of fun

  81. Lindsey Stuart

    Hello thank you for this super giveaway! 🙂
    I am almost finished my Christmas shopping (The first time I have ever been organised!)
    I have been entering some competitions and doing lots of clearing out before Christmas is upon us 🙂

  82. Jade Jones

    WE GOT MARRIED!! then september and october had 2 birthdays to do, got one next week, xmas next month and the last birthday in january

  83. Alison Johnson

    Not been fun but I’ve been helping my Hubby tile my Mum’s kitchen. The tiles are horrible!

  84. Rachel Craig

    We attended an Absent Friends event. Where we lit a candle in memory of loved ones ( loved and lost :- deceased). Nice event in which we enjoyed some delicious, warming soup. Nice company. Some shared happy memories of lost loved ones, e.g. Short video. Music. Shared experiences.

  85. Emma Gibson

    Having a deep clean so that it’ll be nice and tidy to put xmas decs up.

  86. Ashleigh Allan

    We have judt been starting to get organised for Christmas

  87. Jennifer Lince

    I’ve been trying to sell some of my products for my business, not having much luck though! Never mind 😀

  88. Lisa Tang

    Wedding Anniversary dinner and some xmas shopping ahead

  89. Victoria Sparrow

    Everything has been really busy of late. I’ve started volunteering at some music events, taking photos and running the door. It’s November, so NaNoWriMo. Kids and all the usual things too.

  90. Amy Bondoc

    me and my daughter have just started our christmas crafting so the house is covered in glitter and no matter how many time i hoover the house still sparkles hehe

  91. Lauren Mason

    such cute pictures

  92. Daiane Negretti

    Looking for a job, have been looking for almost 5 years now, sad…

  93. Jessica Powell

    I’ve been out litter picking this morning with our local park group. I plan to do nothing this afternoon though!

  94. stephanie


  95. Helen

    I have just had ankle surgery after a snowboarding injury! So I’ve not been doing anything but catching up with a lot of Netflix!
    I cannot wait to get back on my feet and get out and about.

  96. Dale Dow

    My son was away on a school trip so to surprise him we transformed our spare room into a Space and gaming area for him

  97. Jenn Gillies

    We are in-between pet sitting assignments. Our last one was for 3 special needs dogs and our two guinea pigs go everywhere with us.

  98. jo liddement

    Have taken a weeks holiday from work and am staying at home, busy making my Christmas cards and some Christmas tree decorations.

  99. Gillian McClelland

    I am trying to loose weight before Christmas and have recently started walking to and from work which gets my total steps for the day over 12000.

  100. hannah igoe

    I have been learning how to finger knit, something I never thought I would do or enjoy, but I am finding it to be a great stress reliever!

  101. Jo

    I haven’t been upto much but still been busy if you know what I mean? Every day seems to be endless houswork or the boring old food shopping and before i know it kids are home from school and they keep me busy until bedtime

  102. Carole Nott

    I have been making lots of lists – things to do and buy

  103. Derek Wilson

    A woman goes into the butcher’s. The butcher says “I bet you £100 you can’t reach those pieces of meat on the top shelf”. The woman replies, “I’m sorry, I’m not betting, the steaks are too high”.

  104. sallyanne rose

    I bought a dog off a blacksmith today and as soon as I got home, it made a bolt for the door.

  105. Debbie Finnerty

    I ma just getting ready for all the xmas shenanigans!

  106. Angela Kelly

    That guinea pig picture just made me squeal! Aren’t they the cutest little things?

  107. Amanda tanner

    Just back from Majorca working the summer, it’s too cold for me 🤧🤧

  108. Margaret Gallagher

    I’ve been planning Christmas list – now i need to start the cards and letters – a joyful week !

  109. Kara W

    I’ve been slowly purchasing Christmas gifts. Stressful time of year.

  110. Saf S

    How about a festive joke? What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
    Snow flakes!

  111. Heather Haigh

    It’s all about the Christmas shopping atm, and planning to help our DD move house.

  112. Jessica Quinn

    I have been getting ready for Christmas! Can’t wait to get my decorations up!

  113. Caroline H

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Doctor who.


    My grandson, who wants to be a paleonologist when he grows up, loves to teach the lollipop lady a dinosaur fact on his walk to and from school.

  115. Ash R

    I have just had my baby girl so i am adapting to having a newborn again 🙂

  116. Hannah Wood

    Doing lots of my fitness workouts.

  117. Aimee

    All I have done recently is go to Uni and go to work!

  118. emma howard

    I’m looking forward to a family get-together next weekend!

  119. Sam Parkes

    Been getting ready for Xmas getting presents for everyone. Have a very December coming up

  120. Scott Fallon

    Putting Christmas presents up.

  121. Allan Fullarton

    Just started xmas shopping.

  122. angela jones

    I have been hibernating due to this weather . lol

  123. Megan Kinsey

    I just finished one job and am spending some time with my family before I start my new job in January.

  124. maria ROGERS

    I am about to go to Butlins with my preggy daughter & granddaughter for a Christmas TOTS break and I cannot wait to spend quality time together with them.

  125. Sharon Everett

    Been wrapping prezzies all morning. Resting in bed with Netflix and a brew now. X

  126. James Travis

    Doing some running atm

  127. James Travis

    Been doing alot of running, training for a half marathon in April

  128. Katie w

    Visited Cannon Farm to visit Santa

  129. Sheri Darby

    WE went for a long rather muddy walk. A real victory another triumph in my recovery from a broken ankle

  130. Amanda w

    If been falling down stairs and broken my ankle! The joys!!!!

  131. Ellen Stafford

    I’ve spent most of my time recently taking care of my sister who is suffering from mental health problems – just want her to get better – it’s so horrible x

  132. Robyn Clarke

    I’ve been doing the Christmas shopping, I think I’m almost done. A few click and collect orders to fetch tomorrow then I’ll start wrapping over the weekend.

  133. Laura Todd

    I’ve lost 8 stone in about a year, just reached my goal this week. Also ran my first 5k race with only 6 weeks training, not a bad time of 30mins despite having asthma. It’s been an eventful year indeed.

  134. Susan

    just come back from holiday and realised it’s nearly xmas, frantic shopping is in need!

  135. Emily Hutchinson

    What have I been up to… well I’ve been on a fab holiday to Disney World, but now am working really really hard and trying to get ready for Christmas!

  136. Sonia

    I spent the weekend with my family at a Christmas festival. We had the best Sunday roast I’ve had in a long time.

  137. Katrina Adams

    I have been wrapping presents, writing cards and generally being a festive little elf. Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas.

  138. Deborah Preston

    Today I’ve been writing all my Christmas cards and now wrapping the presents I’ve alreay bought

  139. Lauren Main

    Recently I have been trying to get as much uni work done for my Masters before Christmas – I really do not want to be studying too much when I should be enjoying the festive times with my family!

  140. sarah parker

    decorating the house for Christmas and family and friends visiting

  141. Sheena Read

    I off work at present awaiting a health diagnosis.

  142. Susan Willshee

    I had Leo off nursery for a day because he was full of cold. I absolutely loved having him just sitting next to me on the sofa, having cuddles and watching fireman Sam on my tablet. Leo never sits still so this was a real pleasure……until the next day when I realised he’d passed on his germs to me. I’ve never been so snotty (in the most basic sense of the word) in my life!!!!

  143. Sara Goodman

    I’ve been doing some housework in preparation for my kids coming home from Uni for Christmas. So excited to see them!!

  144. laura stewart

    working alot 🙁

  145. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    We put all our Christmas decorations up and this year decorated outside we have quite a few elderly neighbours and they were all coming up saying how we had brightened up the croft and how lovely it was! it was so lovely.

  146. Adrian Bold

    I went to a zoo the other day which only had 1 dog in it.

    It was a shih-tzu…

  147. Sharon Hirst

    I’ve finished Christmas, bought, wrapped and cards written. Feel great


    I’ve been trying to relieve all my Christmas anxieties by running, but i’m not sure it’s working! Christmas tree will be going up at the end of the week, so that’s something to look forward to.

  149. Monika Bascombe

    Hi. Ive been doing a lot of cross stitching – trying to finish a goft for my daughter she really wanted x

  150. Laura Corrall

    It’s nearly Christmas so I have been on the hunt for bargains and christmas presents. I’m now all sorted. Now just to wrap everything up.

  151. Lorraine Stone

    It as just been the usual mad rush up to Christmas Day!

  152. Maria Jane Knight

    We have done a couple of craft fayres selling my fiance’s woodcraft! It’s been really fun and lovely to have had so many lovely comments about his work.

  153. Louise M

    I have been busy making the house christmassy for the kids x

  154. Katie Walker

    Been trying to get my house together I still havent unpacked fully from moving in in July

  155. Lorraine Crawford

    I have just started my Christmas shopping and posted my Christmas cards!

  156. caroline kelly

    Just trying to get through each day tbh!

  157. Julie Edwards

    I have just started my own business as a Body Shop at Home consultant and I am loving it.


    Xmas shopping in Leeds, over spent, the trains ran on time,

  159. Dawn Samples

    I’m trying to get all my Christmas presents bought and wish I had started earlier!!x

  160. Joanna Nichol

    Been busy getting ready for Christmas and catching up on some TV!

  161. Charmian Filewood

    I’m a bit grumpy today as I was at the hospital for a lip biopsy, so sporting 4 stitches inside my mouth 🙁

  162. Emily Smith

    I’m doggy sitting this weekend for my best friend. I might not give him back!

  163. Donna tomlin

    I have been planning Christmas as hosting it at mine this year

  164. Diane Crafter

    I am chair of the ptfa at my daughter’s school and last weekend we had the christmas fayre so been really busy organising that. Now i am organising our family christmas

  165. Erica Hughes

    Life has been a bit rubbish, but I’m going out for a meal later in the week.

  166. Jeanette Leighton

    Just getting prepared for Christmas I need to start wrapping soon I can’t stand wrapping presents

  167. Laura Lee

    I am exhausted from working full time and looking after my 3 boys, I love this time of year but being a childrens day nursery manager it is one of the busiest times of the year for us. This would be an amazing treat for me LOL thanks for the chance

  168. Kerry Webber

    Two days ago I had a animal behavioural specialist visit us for a 3 hour consultation to help stop our dogs fighting and for them to generally behave themselves!! I though it was a massive chunk of money to spend, but 2 days later, we have already implemented lots of changes and it’s like I have 2 different dogs!! I would have paid double if I had known what a miracle worker he was!!!

  169. Emma Gough

    the weekend just gone, my family and I got together to have a fun photo shoot done in our Christmas jumpers 😀

  170. Troy Easton

    not a lot started doing my Christmas shopping recently and give out my Christmas cards.

  171. Theresa Thomas

    Today, i’ve been at work 🙁 but I have been in training the past few weeks so it’s been pretty laid back

  172. Marie Rungapadiachy

    I have been doing lots of artwork recently and I’m loving it.

  173. janine atkin

    we’re going to see Hozier this week in manchester. i cant wait

  174. Louise Heaton

    My Malamute, Nakoma, has had to visit the vet a couple of times lately with an extremely sore elbow. He was terrified last week by the wind outside on the way to the car and cried and wouldn’t get in the car, so this week I had to take in photos to show the progress of his arm. I’m hoping he won’t have to go back as we don’t want another struggle with him-It’s scary enough for him being blind without having to leave the safety of his home to go to the vets too.

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